A Lesson from Little League Baseball: Kick the Critic OUT!

[really_simple_share]I’ve noticed lately how sometimes I can bring a lot of angst into my work. Especially when things seem important, all of a sudden every detail becomes critical, and then I feel a lot of stress about getting it done, and doing it right. I’ve been wondering, how helpful is this angst and stress to our performance and results?

Thinking about this reminded me of Little League baseball when I was a kid. Have you ever been to a Little League game? Can you picture one now? Well picture this with me:

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Making Connections: What Makes an Introduction Stick?

[really_simple_share]What do you think makes an introduction stick? Is it whether the people being introduced are a good match, or is it something about the person who makes an introduction that matters most?

If you are like me, you rarely get through a week without being on the receiving end of at least one “email introduction”.

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Why is it more difficult to gain trust from some people than others?

[really_simple_share]At least since I became a patent lawyer, and perhaps earlier, I’ve always been fascinated by why some people were so easy to connect with – both professionally and personally – while others were not. Why some people naturally trusted me and became clients, while with others it felt like there was some type of trust barrier that I couldn’t explain. With the first group, from the moment we met, there was instant rapport. It seemed so clear we would be working together. Many of them were thrilled and thankful to be working with me. With the second group, from the moment we met I felt their skepticism. And no matter what I did, I could never overcome it or explain it – that is until now.

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