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At Starbucks, the key innovation was its company culture

  I find it interesting that most people consider business innovation to be a function of the cold facts of the business plan.  That is, whether your business is successful is a function of whether your hunch—that the world needs a quality/fast service coffee chain, for example—is correct.  What is neglected in this analysis is […]

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A beacon of leadership—in an unexpected place

  Unexpected, that is, only if you buy in to the negative stereotype: “patent troll.”  Clearly it’s human nature to demonize and blame others.  But it is only possible to continue to do this when we are not in relationship with them.  Once you look someone in the eye, really listen to what they care […]

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True—what you wanted, didn’t happen…. But it’s not for the reason you think!

  The event you wanted to organize didn’t happen. But’s it’s not because you couldn’t get a sponsor. The company you wanted to start never got off the ground. But it’s not because you didn’t have the money. The sale you wanted to make never closed. But it’s not because your prospect was “just kicking […]

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Changing my flight—and spreading my wings!

 If someone had told me a year ago that I was going to co-lead a transformational program for several hundred patent lawyers at an American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) meeting—together with my former mentor Ron Bynum, I would not have believed them!  But that’s exactly what I did in Tampa, Florida, on February 1st, […]

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Thinking with my hands at Lift13 in Geneva

  Attending the Lift Conference in Geneva for the first time, I didn’t know what to expect.  But I did have one hope that would make my trip from New York City worthwhile: the possibility of gaining a new “access” to creativity. I have come to believe that much of what we consider “creative” is […]

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Lead your team, but don’t get too far ahead!

  Recently I discovered a recurring theme in my leadership experiences.  I have a big vision, I enroll others in that vision.  We get to work.  But…at a certain point, I feel like I am on my own, and the others are not following along.  Typically I feel upset or disappointed that my team is […]

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Check out my monthly column in “Law Practice Today”!

Just a quick update to let you know that I’ve started writing a monthly column for “Law Practice Today,” a webzine that’s published by the Law Practice Management section of the American Bar Association to approximately 60,000 law firm managers. My first two columns, “Law Firm Leadership: Creating a Culture Where People Do What They […]

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Do you want to be liked?

[really_simple_share]You probably do want to be liked. Most of us do. Being liked is a basic survival skill. We all know there’s safety in numbers, and the ability to get along with a group—to be liked, kept individuals from being separated from the tribe or community and left to “go it alone” in the wilderness.

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Q: When do investors HATE hearing GOOD ideas?

[really_simple_share]A: When they don’t like the person pitching the good idea!

And I don’t mean they don’t like your personality!

I mean, do they trust you that if they hand you their money – that you are capable of following through, and providing them a return on their investment without losing their capital?

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