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Public domain and failure of the patent system to meet its Constitutional mandate.

  After attending 27 conferences this year, something clicked.  My original thoughts for this probably emerged while talking to innovators and hackers at the Open Knowledge conference in Geneva, Switzerland this past September.  In a conversation today in Dallas with Judge Plager of the Federal Circuit and Dennis Crouch of Patently-o, my thoughts solidified as […]

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A tale of two patents

  This past week, I was the first to reach the stack of mail to our Staten Island office. I try hard not to micromanage my staff, so when I grab the mail, it’s usually a bad idea. Before I turned over the pile, however, I noticed two familiar looking envelopes from the United States […]

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“Creative You” — Find your secret to accessing and optimizing your creativity

  I have lots of ideas. Sometimes my ideas are so big that when I talk about them, other people just don’t get them—and don’t see the significance of these big ideas the same way I do.  In fact, sometimes it almost seems like some people are bothered by them—as if I were tackling something […]

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Design Thinking: Bringing creativity to a new level in Potsdam, Germany

  After meeting faculty member Caroline Szymanski at the Lift Conference in Geneva, and participating in the “Think with your hands” workshop that she co-led there, I just had to pay a visit to The School of Design Thinking this past week, while I was in Berlin.  The School of Design Thinking (nicknamed “The D-School”) […]

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True—what you wanted, didn’t happen…. But it’s not for the reason you think!

  The event you wanted to organize didn’t happen. But’s it’s not because you couldn’t get a sponsor. The company you wanted to start never got off the ground. But it’s not because you didn’t have the money. The sale you wanted to make never closed. But it’s not because your prospect was “just kicking […]

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Thinking with my hands at Lift13 in Geneva

  Attending the Lift Conference in Geneva for the first time, I didn’t know what to expect.  But I did have one hope that would make my trip from New York City worthwhile: the possibility of gaining a new “access” to creativity. I have come to believe that much of what we consider “creative” is […]

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Lift is just the ticket!

  Looking for new opportunities to connect with people around business models, business strategies, and innovation, last week I found myself on an airplane headed toward Geneva, Switzerland, to attend “Lift13.” Lift13 is the 2013 edition of the Lift Conference, which has been held since 2006. I didn’t have high expectations for Lift—I just wanted […]

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Minding the gap: Creative problem-finding

[really_simple_share]When you look at a glass of liquid, do you ask yourself whether the glass is half full or half empty? Supposedly, the people who see it as half full are optimists, and the ‘half empty’ people are pessimists. But there’s another way to look at it: why is there a gap and how can it be filled?

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Facing the blank page: What’s your block to creativity? (Part 2)

[really_simple_share]Is it important to you to be truly creative? I mean do you want to come up with ideas, solutions and results that are truly innovative and not just a different twist on what you or others have come up with in the past?

In part 1 on this topic, I explored how your assumptions can block creativity by unconsciously creating boundaries around what your mind will allow you to create. (See “Facing The Blank Page” part 1)

Now I’m going to discuss another block to your creativity. It’s the “elephant in the room” that will severely limit your ability to be creative.

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Facing the blank page: What’s your block to creativity? (Part 1)

[really_simple_share]How many times have you started a project by grabbing a clean sheet of paper or opening a blank document on your computer, and then…nothing. You just sat there staring at it, feeling blocked, feeling stuck, wondering why you couldn’t come up with anything to put on that page. Or if you did put something down, wondering why it just didn’t seem to be all that creative.

The problem was: your page really wasn’t as “blank” as it looked!

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