A Proud Day for Me, New Hope for IP


Last night I had the honor of opening the first box of my new book: the ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent.

I heard late in the day yesterday that a box from the American Bar Association with the first 10 copies of my book was delivered to my Manhattan office. Excited and a bit impatient, I took a quick nighttime trip into the city to pick them up. Somehow I managed to wait until I got home to open the box, so that I could share the experience with my family, including my kids – already in pajamas.

It did not disappoint! Great to see all of that work, finally come together in physical form. My kids enjoyed seeing their Dad’s name on a book, but absolutely loved seeing their own names in the Acknowledgments section!

I’m super proud of this book, and excited for the difference it will make not only for inventors, but for Intellectual Property. I poured decades of experience working with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and individual inventors into this book to create a truly efficient guide that quickly and easily creates a full understanding about how to make good decisions regarding patenting.

I knew there was a compelling need for accurate and ‘correctly postured’ information about patents, because for years the most popular patent book among inventors has been a ‘do-it-yourself’ guide. Of course we all know of the pitfalls in store for individuals who try to patent their own inventions.
A primary message of the ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent is to pursue IP protection at the right time, and for the right reasons. Make an informed choice whether to pursue a patent. But if you are going to do it – it pays to do it right.

The book is concise, and is written to efficiently provide entrepreneurs with the information and mindset they need to understand patents and appropriately value their IP. It’s written in a conversational tone that is engaging and makes it a quick and easy read. It is especially good for entrepreneurs who would tell you they don’t have time to read a book! In fact, I’ve had a number of busy entrepreneurs read it, and they were grateful that they invested the time.



If you would like to see what they had to say or to download a free preview of the book, visit patent-book.com

The ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent is available on Amazon.

If you would like to buy a copy, I really appreciate your support! Every copy sold has a big impact on pushing this book up the charts to the #1 spot in patent law. And it is totally feasible to do so! A couple of times already, pre-orders on Amazon pushed this Consumer Guide to momentarily be the #1 New Release in Patent Law, and even to be the #1 Book in Patent Law. Let’s get it back up to the top, and let’s keep it there to send the right message about patents to inventors and entrepreneurs.

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