True—what you wanted, didn’t happen…. But it’s not for the reason you think!

Don't let a brick wall stop you! Get a ladder and start climbing!


The event you wanted to organize didn’t happen. But’s it’s not because you couldn’t get a sponsor.

The company you wanted to start never got off the ground. But it’s not because you didn’t have the money.

The sale you wanted to make never closed. But it’s not because your prospect was “just kicking the tires.”

Business is down, and the phone isn’t ringing. But it’s not because of the economy.

Whatever excuse or reason you have for why it didn’t happen—or why it isn’t happening—simply isn’t true. Your mind conveniently creates this reason to “save you” from looking at some unpleasant truth about the way you habitually do things, or to justify your not doing the uncomfortable thing that you know would work best! Deep down, you know what it is.

Do it anyway—and see what happens!

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